Mobile WalletThe biggest question today with Mobile Payments solutions out there is which is going to win out – the “One Size fits all” dilemma.  While we are busy deciding what standard to adopt and making sure we “do it right” in North America, the rest of the world is passing us by and adopting a more flexible all-encompassing approach.  Right now the questions are whether we should rely on Near Field Communication (NFC) or QRCode or even a Cloud based Solution, and everyone is playing the “beta vs vhs”, or for the younger reader, bluray vs hd-dvd game, not wanting to be the ones left holding the proverbial bag. This is why places like Kenya, and other`third world` countries are passing us by, they have a myriad of applications for all the above solutions, and each are doing well in their own rights.  In the following article, James Wester talks about “The end of one-size-fits-all“, predicting that this will result in the progressive demise of CNP (Card Not Present) Fraud.  While this is could be true, one has to think where, and what other until now unforseen vulnerabilities will be introduced by this new technology.


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