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Walmart Mobile

Walmart Mobile Chief Gibu ThomasWal-Mart enters the fray with a Mobile App – I am assuming that once NFC is more prevalent, it will serve to make the check out process even easier. The possibilities coming off this for Big Box and department store apps are endless, taking advantage of the capabilities of to do things like location-based advertizing, competitive comparisons, up-sell, wish-list, shopping list, etc. Canadian Tire, Target, Home Depot, Lowes, and Rona should all be paying attention – this is the sort of convenience that will draw more traffic to your stores. Wal-Mart’s Mobile Chief, Gibu Thomas, is quoted saying “Two weeks after Wal-Mart launched “in-store mode” with its app, roughly 60 percent of its shoppers opted to use it. Moreover, about 12 percent of Wal-Mart’s sales that come through its app are coming from customers who are inside a store and using “in-store mode.” Wired’s Marcus Wohlsen postulates that Wal-Mart is doing this to target Amazon. This is an interesting view-point, as this move seems to bridge both worlds with the convenience of shopping online, and competitive pricing, yet still retaining the tactile sense of being able to see, feel and try on the items before purchase, followed by the instant gratification of not having to pay shipping and wait for delivery.

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Walmart(s WMT) is taking the idea of self-checkout to another, more mobile level. The retailer is bringing the “Scan & Go” feature of its Walmart iOS app to 200 stores in the U.S., according to a Reuters report Wednesday. The feature has been in use in some stores already, but at only about 70 near Walmart’s Arkansas headquarters and in Atlanta.

Scan & Go is only available on the iPhone,(s AAPL) though Walmart says an Android(s GOOG) version is “coming soon.”

Shoppers that have the Walmart app can select “in-store mode” and then scan each item’s barcode as they pick up items throughout the store. Users who have also created shopping lists or budgets within the app will see items scanned “checked off” on their lists. Once finished, they need only go to a self-checkout terminal, scan a barcode on the screen — which reads the items they have in…

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Mobile Manufacturers making the “One-Size-Fits-All” decision

In the last 6 months, the top3 smartphone manufacturers have announced moves down the NFC path toward a mobile payments solution.

BB Z10 and BB Q10Blackberry already released a Mobile payment solution with CIBC and Rogers using NFC for SecureTap, and announced another using a Secure Element Manager solution for NFC which is VISA approved. Blackberry have tinstalled he NFC chips on both their new models, the Z10 released earlier this year, and the Q10 due tentatively in May. No word as yet as to when applications will be released for BB10, but rumor has it that all the big banks have one in their pipeline.Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung announced that the Galaxy S4 will come with a Visa PayWave – Visa payments applet for contactless payments. Samsungs Galaxy S4 will also have Mobeam technology too which will allow mCouponing, mLoyalty, mGiftcards, and mTicketing.

Apple iPhone 5SApple’s new iPhone 5s will have NFC and biometric security solutions developed by Authentec and Chipbond. Rumors have it that the IPhone 5S is slotted for release in July / August 2013. Logically it makes sense  that Apple will integrate the NFC and fingerprint security into the Passbook app, which only has discount coupons, tickets and some low assurance store cards.


Mobile WalletThe biggest question today with Mobile Payments solutions out there is which is going to win out – the “One Size fits all” dilemma.  While we are busy deciding what standard to adopt and making sure we “do it right” in North America, the rest of the world is passing us by and adopting a more flexible all-encompassing approach.  Right now the questions are whether we should rely on Near Field Communication (NFC) or QRCode or even a Cloud based Solution, and everyone is playing the “beta vs vhs”, or for the younger reader, bluray vs hd-dvd game, not wanting to be the ones left holding the proverbial bag. This is why places like Kenya, and other`third world` countries are passing us by, they have a myriad of applications for all the above solutions, and each are doing well in their own rights.  In the following article, James Wester talks about “The end of one-size-fits-all“, predicting that this will result in the progressive demise of CNP (Card Not Present) Fraud.  While this is could be true, one has to think where, and what other until now unforseen vulnerabilities will be introduced by this new technology.

OZ Grocery Store rolls out NFC

The prolific success of NFC and mobile payments has been the Micro payments segment where it is ok to accept a lower level of assurance because the perceived risk is small – a micro payment. The same approach must be used to get NFC adoption in N.A too, people will trust it for the micro payments, trust will build and the proliferation into the North American market will begin.